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Construction Nylacast


Versatile products with safety & efficiency in mind

Building trust and confidence in your technology performance for your clients

We work with many leading OEMs building construction equipment for off-highway and industrial use. The technology we support includes but is not limited to include: earthmoving, aerial work platforms, material handling, and lifting.

We appreciate how critical construction technology performance is for the end user and work with OEM clients on projects to reduce equipment weight while augmenting load-handling capabilities. Enhance operational efficiency, maintain safety standards, and meet sustainability targets. Nylacast is committed to application consultancy and material innovation to support the industry's need to reduce maintenance, minimise downtime, and extend the lifecycle of machinery and equipment.

In the construction industry, the reduction of equipment weight, while augmenting load handling capabilities, is crucial for enhancing operational efficiency and meeting sustainability targets. Nylacast's commitment to material innovation leads to reduced maintenance needs, minimising downtime, and extending the lifecycle of machinery and equipment.


Industry Solutions

Our solutions bring a unique combination of technical expertise and material innovation to your construction projects, delivering unparalleled value and performance.

Cost Saving Lower whole life costs are achieved in addition to increased efficiency through reduced frictional losses and lower power requirements.  
Maintenance Reduction Self-lubrication and corrosion resistance results in increased efficiency through lower whole life costs and longer machine running times.  
Low Weight Nylacast Engineered Products are typically 1/7th the weight of an equivalent steel product, helping to reduce overall equipment weight.  
Corrosion Resistance Corrosion resistant materials technology protects against the arduous environments.  
Wear Reduction Low friction materials technology results in high resistance to wear and abrasion when in application.  
Self Lubrication Nylacast Oilon and Nylube materials have lubricants locked within the material structure for maintenance free dry lifetime running.  
Increased Safety Low weight results in lighter loads being handled by personnel during installation and servicing, eliminating the need for lifting equipment.  
Custom Solutions Engineered products custom developed for specific application need from initial chemistry to end product.  

Common Applications Supplied

Support Rollers
wear pads
Wear Pads
hose clamp
Hose Clamp
Chain Sprockets/Pulleys

Problems we solve

  • Boom Wear Pads
  • PE500 vs Nylacast Big Foot®

Case Study: Enhancing Application Performance

Equipment: Telescopic Handler

Industry: Construction

Original Material: Polyethylene

New Material: Nylacast Nylube Wear Pad


Excessive wear, elevated levels of frequent maintenance and the frequent need for pad replacements


Nylacast Nylube, a self-lubricating solution. Its remarkable attributes of, low coefficient of friction, high compressive strength, and outstanding wear resistance enhanced cost efficiency whilst minimizing the input force needed to overcome system friction.

Nylube also exhibits excellent compatibility with various lubricants and operating conditions.


  • Low Friction
  • Increased Wear Life
  • Reduced Maintenance
  • Reduced component weight
  • Increased Safety

Wear pad case study


Case Study: Enhancing Application Performance

Equipment: Cranes, Ariel Work Platforms & Telehandlers

Industry: Lifting Solutions

Original Application: Polyethylene - PE 500

New Application: Nylacast Big Foot®


Ensuring secure and stable operations using a reliable, sturdy, and safe crane outrigger pad crafted from a durable material.

A material solution that not only possesses the strength to withstand heavy loads, outperforms alternative methods, but also maintains a lightweight design for easy maneuverability by users.


Nylacast Big Foot®, developed with safety, strength, and material recovery in mind.

Nylacast’s Big Foot material exhibits rapid recovery with substantially less deformation than a PE version when force is applied across the pad's surface.

Additionally, the Nylacast outrigger pad requires 3.8 times more load to flex to the same condition as the compared material.


  • Manufactured from Premium Cast Nylon Material, site proven to last over 15 years
  • Elimination of damage to ground surfaces
  • Lightweight, easy to transport/ position handles
  • Resistant to corrosion, strong & hard wearing
  • Improved replacement for PE crane mats and wood


PE500 v Big Foot


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