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Engineering Polymers



Polymers are increasingly the material of choice for design engineers in various industries. They are selected to replace traditional metallic applications as polymer materials can enhance the life of the technology, reduce downtime and maintenance needs, reduce weight, and fundamentally improve the reliability of the technology. 

Polymers are available to suit most applications, and engineers can select from commodity plastics, engineering plastics, and high-performance plastics. With a broad choice of polymers available, each polymer is chosen for its ability to perform to a set requirement in application.

Commodity plastics are typically used for general and structural purposes with a high-volume demand for an application. Engineered plastics are used for applications operating in more trying environments and usually require high wear or bearing performance. High-performance plastics are generally selected for the harshest conditions and working in high temperatures.

As we consult on every application, we review the whole polymer pyramid to ensure you have the best material for the application.

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