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Custom Formulation

As we control our manufacturing processes of cast nylon, we can modify the chemistry to suit the needs of most applications.

Our engineers collaborate closely with clients to assess application demands. Factors such as operating temperatures, speeds and loads, environmental conditions, contact materials, weight, and size are fundamental to specifying a material to suit. This comprehensive approach requires a deep understanding of each application/project's demands.

The workflow between our engineers and chemists is pivotal to success. Our in-house team create custom material grades tailored to each application and project. This bespoke service has proven invaluable to clients across key industries.

Some of our renowned custom-formulated materials include:

CF110: An ultra creep-resistant cast nylon with a proven project case history.

CF160: Enhanced material for HPHT (High Performance, High Temperature) applications.

Other Materials

PA6 natural (1)
Nylacast PA6 NaturalView now >
Nylacast OilonView now >
Nylacast NylubeView now >
Nylacast Aquanyl PA/12View now >
Nylacast MolyView now >
hs blue
Nylacast H.S BlueView now >
Nylanite banner
Nylacast NylaniteView now >

To discuss custom formulation options for your engineering project requirements simply get in touch with one of our material experts.