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Oil & Gas Offshore

Offshore Innovations: Powering The Oil & Gas Industry with Polymers

Enhancing your technology with Engineered Solutions

In the demanding world of Oil & Gas, stakeholders and technology producers assess many factors to launch a project. For each project to be delivered successfully, the subsea pipeline equipment performance is vital.

Whether our clients are involved in shallow or deep-water pipeline installation, drilling, well construction, product extraction, deep water exploration, or asset maintenance, the need is ever evolving. Therefore, we collaborate with key market influencers to enhance technological performance and efficiencies, focusing on safety, minimising risk, reducing downtime and maintenance needs, and reducing equipment weight.

The Nylacast team is split between the three brand solutions:

  • Nylacast Engineered Products: Cast Nylon and other engineering Polymer solutions
  • Supergrip: Polyurethane Solutions 
  • Pipeline Engineering: Pipeline pigging and flow assurance products

Each team member has ample experience in the industry solving complex challenges. We confidently consult on projects to examine the design, assess application performance when operating under stress and share our expertise on engineering polymer suitability for application.


Examples of Projects Supplied

  • Dalmation
  • Ceasar Tonga
  • Skarv
  • Jackdaw
  • Clov3
  • Affleck
Supergrip Accordion description i
Pipeline Engineering Accordion description i

Industry Solutions

Nylacast delivers a range of advantages for the Oil & Gas sector, encompassing technical support in design and material selection, cost efficiency, durability, and safety. These key benefits include:

Cost Saving Lower whole life costs are achieved in addition to increased efficiency through reduced frictional losses and lower power requirements.  
Increased Safety Low weight results in lighter loads being handled by personnel during installation and servicing, eliminating the need for lifting equipment.  
Corrosion Resistance

Corrosion resistant materials technology protects against the arduous environments.

Wear Reduction Low friction materials technology results in high resistance to wear and abrasion when in application.  
Maintenance Reduction Self-lubrication and corrosion resistance results in increased efficiency through lower whole life costs and longer machine running times.  
Low Weight Nylacast Engineered Products are typically 1/7th the weight of an equivalent steel product, helping to reduce overall equipment weight.  
Self Lubrication

Reduced and often eliminated need for additional and costly grease and lubricants through the use of low friction materials technology.

Custom Solutions

Engineered products custom developed for specific application need from initial chemistry to end product.


Nylacast Engineered Product Solutions

Torque Bucket
Downhole Centralisers
Bore Cover
Bore Covers
Distributed Buoyancy Module Clamp (DBM)
Distributed Buoyancy Module Clamp (DBM)

Supergrip Solutions

Sealing Solutions
Sealing Solutions
Clamping Solutions
Clamping Solutions
Cable Protection
Cable Protection Solutions

Pipeline Engineering Solutions

Foam Pigs
Foam Pigs
Sphere pigs
Sphere Pigs
Uni cast pigs
Uni-cast Polyurethane Pigs
Metal bodies pigs
Metal Bodied Pigs
Speciality pigs
Speciality Pigs

Box Description

Problems we solve

  • ROV Buckets
  • Downhole Centralisers

Case Study: Enhancing Application Performance

Equipment: Subsea Trees, Manifolds, Subsea Connectors

Industry: Oil and Gas

Original Material: Metallics

New Material: Polyamide Alternative ROV Torque Bucket


Corrosion, multiple coating processes, and the elevated weight of component posing challenges in terms of handling and installation.


Tailored polyamide material formulation for specific application functions, resulting in a considerable weight reduction compared to the conventional metallic version. Enhanced ease of handling, elevating operational efficiency.


  • Decreased weight
  • Low water absorption rate
  • Cost competitive compared to metallic version



Case Study: Enhancing Application Performance

Equipment: Downhole Drilling

Industry: Oil and Gas

Original Material: Metallic Centraliser

New Material: Polyamide Alternative Centraliser


Elevated friction and wear levels, coupled with substantial weight, leading to increased well construction costs and challenges in both the handling and installation phases.


A polymer centraliser with low wear and low friction properties, custom-manufactured to support extended reach operations, offering versatility with various fin widths and outer diameters.

Sturdy, resilient, and capable of providing outstanding performance.


  • Light weight
  • Zero corrosion
  • No requirement for expensive synthetic & oil-based downhole fluids



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