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4. Renewables


Energising Sustainability: Advanced Polymer Solutions for Renewables

Enhancing your technology with Engineered Solutions

As the demand for renewable energy grows, OEMs and operators constantly require the technology to meet the highest specifications to generate the most significant output, whether wind, hydro, or tidal.

As project are high-pressure, equipment producers and operators require reliability, minimum downtime, high performance, and operational safety.

Nylacast is committed to application consultancy and material innovation to support the industry's need to enhance the renewable energy technologies. Our aim is to provide solutions that are specifically designed around reducing installation times.


The Nylacast team provide brand solutions with:

  • Nyalcast Engineered Products: Cast Nylon and other engineering Polymer solutions
  • Supergrip: Polyurethane Solutions

Each team member has ample experience in the industry solving complex challenges. We confidently consult on projects to examine the design, assess application performance when operating under stress and share our expertise on engineering polymer suitability for application.

Examples of Projects Supplied

  • Hywind
  • Calvados
  • Femcap

Industry Solutions

Nylacast's polymer solutions in renewables are engineered for excellence in safety, durability, and efficiency. Discover the unique advantages:

LCOE Reduction LCOE is achieved in addition to increased efficiency through the reduction in frictional losses and lower power requirements.  
Component Count Reduction Reducing component count can be achieved through unique lubrication properties, removing the need for different metallic properties in sub-assemblies.  
Lower CO2 Emissions Engineered polymers have the potential for recycling therefore reduction in CO2 emissions can potentially be reduced.  
Operation and Maintenance Self-lubrication and corrosion resistant materials reduce the wear rates and by default increase the life span of the component.  
Weight Reduction Nylacast Engineered Products are typically 1/7th the weight of an equivalent steel product.  
Corrosion Resistance Corrosion resistant materials technology protects against the arduous industry environments.  
Wear Reduction Low friction materials technology results in high resistance to wear and abrasion when in application.  
Custom Solutions Engineered products custom developed for specific application need from initial chemistry to end product.  


Understanding applications of a Wind Turbine

NacelleSliding pads and Friction pads, Equipment mounts, Lightening Conductor brackets, Machined gears / sprockets, Bearing housings, Shaft supports, and Pipe clamps.
TowerCable entry seals. These are dependent on turbine type & configuration, ladder insulation, and cable clamp.
Transition PieceWalk to work docking station, Davit Crane , Wear pads, Spool liners, and Pulleys.

Cable protection systems, Buoyancy clamps, Cable entry joints, instrument / sensor collars, Bend Restrictors, and Floating anchor systems.

Nylacast Engineered Product Applications:

Wear Strips
Sliding pads
DBM clamp

Supergrip Applications:

Sealing Solutions
Sealing Solutions
Clamping Solutions
Clamping Solutions
Cable Protection Systems

Providing solutions for the Renewable Energy Industry

windmill 2
hydrogen edit

Problems we solve

  • Bespoke Pull in head & Bend Stiffeners

Case Study: Enhancing Application Performance

Industry: Offshore, Oil & Gas, Renewables

Original Material: Steel

New Material: Metallic, stainless, carbon steel


Our Supergrip Team had been requested to provide a Non-Corrosive Pull-In Head Assembly for Hywind Tampen Project, the world’s largest floating offshore wind farm to date, which was suitable for 1 year subsea abandonment. Design requests included a 26-year design life, system minimum bend radius of 2.5m, static BSR included on exit point and 1mT maximum weight.


Having utilised our in-house team of skilled engineers & project management, manufactured, assembled, tested & supplied a number of bespoke articulated pull-in heads & bend stiffeners which were successfully delivered. The first of which was utilised during offshore installation.


  • Increased Safety
  • Custom Solutions
  • Maintenance reduction

Pull in Head & Bend Stiffeners

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