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Application Consultancy

The range of Engineering Polymers available is extensive. Consequently, how do you select the Polymer that best suits your application, project and budget? In addition, will the Polymer be available in a profile size to suit your application?

With decades of experience within the polymer industry and working with clients in various sectors, we can apprehend our clients' bespoke requirements. We evaluate the mechanical performance, capabilities and profiles to select when assessing the needs and feasibility of applications in different technologies.

We take clients on a journey to understand the project scope fully. Within our ideation stage, we consider what is critical for the application by reviewing operating temperatures, speeds and loads, environmental conditions, contact materials, weight, and dimensional size.

We can make recommendations to support objectives such as weight reduction and minimising cost due to budget restrictions by assessing design change options, which reduce machine times but ensure the application meets and exceeds expectations.

We can evaluate and stimulate an application's performance by undertaking FEA studies. Once we have the final approval, undertake pre-production checks before the manufacturing launch.

When Clients request our support, they typically approach us on one of the following requirements:

  • Increase the performance and function of an existing application
  • Review why an application is not performing
  • Review a new application design and feasibility
  • Review application design to minimise cost
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