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7. Packaging


Seal Your Success: Polymers - The Future of Packaging Equipment

Build trust and confidence in packaging production with Nylacast

The packaging industry and the equipment deployed are experiencing continuous growth due to the rising demand for everyday consumer goods.

The packaging of goods is an integral and universal requirement in various industries, and recognising the diverse technological requirements of each end-user, Nylacast understands the importance of tailoring our solutions to meet varied packaging needs. Our clients rely on us to enhance operational efficiencies, reduce the necessity for maintenance and downtime, and prioritise the safety of machine operators.


Industry Solutions

Benefit from Nylacast's comprehensive technical support, encompassing design guidance and material selection expertise tailored to your unique packaging needs.

Self Lubrication

Lubricated materials to support, high wear rates.

Reduced Downtime Self-lubrication and corrosion resistance results in increased efficiency through lower whole life costs and longer machine running times.  
Reduced Energy Consumption Lower whole life costs are achieved in addition to increased efficiency through reduced frictional losses and lower power requirements.  
Eliminate slip stick effects Our material technology prevents material sticking to overcome friction from an applied force.  
Maintenance Reduction Corrosion resistant materials provide increased efficiency through longer machine running times and decreased machine downtime.  


Wear Strips
Wear Strips

Problems we solve

  • Starwheels

Case Study: Enhancing Application Performance

Equipment: Beverage Can Printing

Industry: Packaging Industry

Original Material: Metallic component

New Material: Nylacast Aquanyl 612


Reducing both downtime and maintenance requirements, preventing production line stops, and ensuring a continuous smooth moving production line without any slip or sticking.

Individual Components: Historically, metal has been the primary choice of material for various integral components within this machinery, however, the deployment of this material was leading to component corrosion, requiring frequent maintenance, regular inspection, and a regular application of lubrications.


Nylacast offered an alternative material, a polymer. Nylacast’s lubricated polymer allowed for smooth transition and movement of loaded beverage cans. Equipment downtime decreased as corrosion, friction & and component wear was significantly reduced. Nylacast’s polymer-engineered solution neutralized the main challenges faced with using metallic versions of these applications, various versions of the Starwheel are utilized within this type of equipment due to the versatility, durability, and potential for customization of the requirements


  • Smooth transition / movement of loaded cans
  • Decreased equipment downtime
  • Flexibility in processing varying can sizes
  • Supports continuous machine operating speeds of up to 2,200cpm


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