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Polymers in Pharmaceuticals: Prescribing Precision and Quality

Nylacast: Building trust and confidence in the Pharmaceutical Sector

The pharmaceutical industry plays a crucial role in addressing global health challenges, improving the quality of life, stimulating economic growth, and advancing medical science as it continues to impact healthcare and research significantly.

Fragile global supply chains, manufacturing and distribution regulatory compliance, standards and costs are issues.  

Nylacast plays a crucial role and is a fundamental partner for the pharmaceutical industry. Our capability to support drug delivery, stabilise the production of drugs, and address various challenges in drug development makes us a significant contributor. Our products' adaptability, safety, and customisable nature render them indispensable in pharmaceutical research and manufacturing.

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Industry Solutions

Leverage Nylacast's expert technical support, providing comprehensive design guidance and material selection assistance for pharmaceutical applications.

Corrosion Resistance
Corrosion resistant materials technology.
Eliminate Slip Stick Effects Our material technology prevents material sticking to overcome friction from an applied force.  
Wear Reduction Low friction materials technology results in high resistance to wear and abrasion when in application.  
Temperature Compatibility Suitable for both low and high-temperature applications   
Reduced Downtime Increased production efficiency through lower whole life costs and longer machine running times.  


  • Cam Track Rotapress
  • Feeder Shoes
  • Count Blocks
  • Feed Bowls
  • Retaining Rings
  • Punch Holders
  • Beadmill Body applications

Problems we solve

  • Bead Mill Machine

Case Study: Enhancing Application Performance

Equipment: Bead Mill

Industry: Pharmaceutical

Original Material: Stainless Steel

New Material: Various milling chamber components


To develop contamination and wear-resistant applications that can withstand high temperatures and abrasive environments whilst meeting the pharmaceutical criteria of a USP 23 Class VI polymer.


Complete milling chamber featuring a specially engineered material (Nylacast Nylube CF016) developed for its corrosion and wear resistance, capable of withstanding elevated operating temperatures.

Incorporated multiple non-metallic wear parts to prevent discoloration and product contamination. Utilising Nylacast Bearings with double-balanced mechanical seal protection on the main drive


  • Low product / processing temperature
  • Low maintenance and decreased machine downtime
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Contamination free processing

Bead Mill Machine


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