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Cast Nylon


Nylacast is one of the leading producers of cast nylons material. Our manufacturing capability enables us to offer the broadest range of profiles, size variations, and broad range of grades. As we have complete control of our formulation, we are able to provide custom-formulated grades for specific applications needs. We abide to the strictest of measures to ensure our clients high-quality expectations are met.


Cast Nylon is a material of choice for numerous industry leads due to its versatility. Our range of grades are suitable for worldwide applications that require but are not limited to:

General/structural purpose Wear/load Purpose Reduced in Water absorption Higher Temperature Food Approved
PA 6 Natural Nylacast Oilon Nylacast Aquanyl Nylacast HS Blue PA 6 Natural
Nylacast Moly Nylacast Nylube   Custom Formulation Nylacast Oilon


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