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Nylacast join RenewableUK

August 2019

The low weight, low friction materials technology developed by Nylacast is often utilised across the energy sector. With benefits ranging from corrosion resistance and excellent wear resistance, Nylacast’s engineered products are proven to increase the performance and efficiency of industry equipment and projects, contributing to the reduction in cost of energy.

Demonstrating commitment to the renewable energy sector Nylacast recently announced their membership with RenewableUK. With a growing need for generating renewable energy using wind, wave and tidal technology and equipment, Nylacast have been working with industry to develop new cost saving, performance enhancing applications as well as re-developing existing components and applications to perform with more efficiency.

RenewableUK is an organisation dedicated to increasing the amounts of renewable electricity across the UK through supporting over 400 member companies including technology innovators, business leaders and expert thinkers.