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5 July 20242 min read

Celebration for Nylacast at Apprentice Graduation Ceremony

Nylacast honours its graduates and wins Apprentice Employer of 2024

In a celebration of dedication and hard work, final-year apprentices from Nylacast Engineered Products joined fellow graduates at the 2024 Apprenticeship Graduation Ceremony, organised by Leicester City Council’s Employment Hub. Held on 21 June, at De Montfort Hall in Leicester, the event was a testament to the significant achievements of apprentices across the Leicestershire region.

Eight Nylacast apprentices proudly took to the stage, marking the culmination of their intensive in-house study programs. Their journey, characterised by continuous effort, study, and hard work, has paved the way for their transition into full-time roles at Nylacast’s World Headquarters and manufacturing facilities in Leicester, United Kingdom.

Adding to the celebrations, Nylacast was awarded the Apprentice Employer of the Year Award. This recognition, nominated by Leicester College, highlights Nylacast’s commitment to its apprenticeship program. The award celebrates the company’s dedication, which includes establishing its own academy, and acknowledges the profound impact apprenticeships have had on the company for over a decade.

Nylacast Graduates 2024

The graduation ceremony not only celebrated the success of the graduates but also aimed to elevate the profile of apprenticeships. The event reinforced the message that higher or advanced qualifications obtained through apprenticeships are equivalent in value to university degrees.

Deana White, Nylacast's Technical Trainer & HR Supervisor, expressed her pride and joy, stating, “The ceremony was a very proud moment for us, to see all our apprentices recognised on stage for all their hard work and dedication. Apprenticeships are always described at ‘Earn whilst you Learn’, and the consequences of that is having to do all the theoretical, and practical college, work alongside their commitment to a full-time job. The Graduation Ceremony is the perfect way to acknowledge, and celebrate, their achievements”

Facing a growing skills shortage in the engineering sector, Nylacast took proactive measures by opening its award-winning Engineering Training Academy, 10 years ago, in 2014 at its Leicester facilities, which also serve as the company’s global headquarters. A decade later, the academy continues to thrive, providing a robust platform for a variety of training programs and schemes, including apprenticeships, preparing them for successful careers in engineering.

Nylacast’s commitment to fostering engineering talent extends beyond its own facilities. The company actively engages with schools, colleges, universities, and local charities, championing engineering opportunities for all age groups. Through these initiatives, Nylacast aims to inspire and nurture the next generation of engineers, contributing to the future of the industry.

As Nylacast continues to celebrate its double achievements, the company remains dedicated to the growth and development of its apprentices, ensuring a bright future for both the individuals and the engineering sector as a whole.