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FDA and ATEX Certified Materials
26 November 20201 min read

FDA and ATEX Certified Materials

FDA and ATEX Certified Materials

Nylacast supplies engineered polymers to many food machinery manufacturers globally. Therefore, we receive many requests from our clients requiring their products to be ATEX certified and holding FDA accreditation.


An ATEX document is often required when the application is implemented with a process that can become dangerous. Also, when the application is used with dangerous materials or products.


We handle numerous FDA compliant requirements, meaning the material needs to be safe to come in contact directly with food.

At Nylacast, we offer our very own FDA compliant material and an ATEX approved material. Both special grades of material have been developed, improved and specialised over many years to meet the demands of our customers. These include:

Nylacast Nylube Food Grade:

Nylacast’s Specialised Grade – Nylube FG, holds full FDA accreditation for use in food and pharmaceutical applications. Additionally, all the characteristics of our classic Nylube material remain. Such as which has a high speed and a temperature operating range, excellent chemical resistance, anti-friction to name a few.

Nylacast Nylastat (ATEX Approved):

A conductive Nylacast special grade material which is suitable for use in certified ATEX zones and more general anti-static applications.

Both materials are available in different profiles ranging from, tube, rod, plate as well as a finished machined component and custom casting. This applies to profile sizes outside of standard capabilities.

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