Buffalo Dock Bumpers & Trailer Plates

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Buffalo Dock Bumpers & Trailer Plates

Manufactured from premium cast nylon, Nylacast Dock Bumpers deliver a number of advantages for docks and loading bays. Naturally resistant to corrosion, wear and abrasion, Nylacast products also have great toughness from their high impact strength. This offers the resilience required to withstand the regular impact and abrasion experienced within daily warehouse and logistics operations.


Lightweight and easy to install, Nylacast Dock Bumpers can be fitted to both new and existing docks or loading bays. This allows for the swift replacement of HDPE bumpers, worn rubber bumpers or steel face bumpers, with no additional drill work needed. Nylacast Dock Bumpers also require no maintenance, coating or regular replacement.

Nylacast Warehouse Trailer Plates also benefit from high impact strength and corrosion resistant properties, coupled with high visibility colour. This results in a product application which increases the efficiency and performance of logistics operations when docking at warehouses and distribution facilities. The Nylacast polymer application is fitted to the ground surface, protecting it from damage and trailer feet cracking the ground or sinking in, protecting both the personnel and the high value goods often transported in the containers and trailers, in addition to eliminating high cost maintenance needs and regular ground resurfacing.


The high visibility colour allow drivers to easily align with the trailer plate and ensure the feet are on a stable ground before dismounting. Similar to the Nylacast Big Foot, Nylacast warehouse Trailer Plates also help to safely spread the weight and load of the trailer, ensuring that both the ground surface and trailer itself are protected, reducing the chances of capsizing due to unstable loads or poor ground conditions.



• Manufactured from cast nylon
• Light-weight and easy to install
• High impact strength
• Wear & abrasion resistance
• High visibility colour
• Extremely hard-wearing
• Corrosion & chemical resistant



• High impact strength
• Chemical resistance
• Corrosion resistance
• High visibility colour
• Light-weight
• Protects ground surface and trailer
• Stabilises trailer by providing a level ground surface

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Dock Bumpers & Trailer Plates

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