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Solving complex engineering problems for a safer and greener world

Going beyond industry standards

Our Mission

To guide and lead our customers to overcome industry challenges by adding value with our expertise in the design, manufacture and innovation of polymer solutions

Here at Nylacast, our purpose is to solve complex engineering problems for a safer and greener world by working with influencers of change in a variety of industries.

We have been applying this mindset that is embedded in the company's culture for over five decades.

The business is focused on "People, Polymers and Passion" principles. With our people, we aim to educate and empower. With Polymers, we aim to enhance, create, and innovate applications while bringing a passion for change.

Nylacast is considered a partner of choice for many industry leaders due to our commitment to constantly striving to deliver exceptional products. We are a team of over 600 dedicated professionals employed across four continents, which enables us to supply manufactured goods to more than 47 countries.

As we continue to grow, we commit our business to remain agile and to evolve in an ever-changing world.


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