Use of Nylube to Reduce Friction

November 2020

Use of Nylube to Reduce Friction

Nylube was introduced into the Nylacast product range in 1989. Since then, Nylube has become Nylacast’s leading grade for wear resistance and one of Nylacast’s most important development in new materials.

Nylacast’s Nylube has proven to be a huge success within the construction industry due to its many advantageous properties. This material grade is replacing many metal components on machines whilst adding numerous beneficial features. Nylube also minimises or stops various complications OEMs and end-users typically experience with their construction equipment.

Friction reduction in polymers

The advantages of Nylube are:

  • Anti-friction
  • Excellent wear and abrasion resistance
  • Increased productivity
  • Low-cost
  • High load capacity
  • High speed and temperature operation range
  • Excellent chemical resistance

Nylube contains a combined liquid/solid lubricant system which allows for a coefficient of friction as low as 0.08. This is below that of almost any other polymer available at present.

Typical Applications Include: Wear Pads, Stoppers, Stabilisers, Pulleys, L-shape wear pads.

Nylacast Nylube is available as standard plate, rod and over thousands of tubes OD/ID configurations in several different lengths.

Anti-Friction: Applications and Component Example

Wear pads are used on a wide range of construction equipment and the popularity for Nylube wear pads is ever-increasing. An example of how beneficial Nylacast’s Nylube becomes when used in wear pads can be explained by looking at an extending boom.

When an extending boom is in operation there is consistent friction created between the two metal parts scraping against each other when the machine is extending and contracting. This causes wear, abrasion and reduces the operating range and speed.

As Nylube is a wax-filled grade, when Nylube wear pads are added, they minimise the friction between the metal parts on the extending boom. The wear pads create a sliding motion, making the whole operation much smoother and efficient. In addition, Nylube material will increase efficiency and lifetime of the process and product as well as its other advantageous properties. Due to its unbeatable properties, it is clear why Nylube is loved by not only construction but many industry users worldwide.

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