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Rope Handling & Protection

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The use of Nylacast rope handling products allows users to benefit from reduced or eliminated maintenance need and cost. Improved lifting and health & safety is also achieved through reduced rope damage.


Proven in industry for decades, Nylacast rope handling products are corrosion resistant, lightweight and low friction, this results in increased safety for personnel when operating equipment. Greater efficiency and cost saving is also achieved through these qualities extending the life of mating ropes with reduced maintenance need and replacement.


• Low mass
• Easy installation, typically 1/7th the weight of a steel grooved shell
• Less inertia on high speed winches
• Requires no painting, protection or preservation
• Delivers excellent spooling in critical cable conditions
• Reduction of knifing in, jerking and snagging
• Reduction of maintenance and lubrication
• Custom made to suit application size and needs


• Reduced component weight resulting in increased lift capacity
• Allows for improved lifting
• Requires no painting, protection or preservation
• Provides increased rope life
• Reduces maintenance need and costs
• Easy installation through light-weight
• Custom made to suit application, available from 25mm – 3000mm diameter
• Sheave segments available for larger requirements

 Nylacast Spooling Shell

 Nylacast Spooling Shells

 Nylacast Sheaves and pulleys

 Nylacast sheave segments

 Large Nylacast Sheaves

 Large Nylacast Sheaves

Rope Handling & Protection

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