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21 February 20191 min read

Nylacast Automotive Launches Brake Booster Gear Wheel

Nylacast Automotive, a world-leading designer and volume producer of high precision polymer assemblies and components, have recently been awarded production business for our brake boosting technology.

Having serviced the automotive industry with safety critical Electric Power Steering (EPS) components since 1999, Nylacast Automotive has over two decades of engineering know-how and supply chain infrastructure. Products developed and shipped from its UK and China manufacturing plants have helped to safely steer over 80 million vehicles to date.

Specialists in materials technology and the development of low-weight, low-friction precision polymers, Nylacast Automotive are now successfully diversifying their product portfolio by applying the benefits of its award winning solutions to new and exciting technologies including Electric Brake Boosting (EBB), in both development and production volumes.

This application has stemmed from years of technical collaboration with OEM and Tier 1. The Nylacast worm wheel and rack are used in brake booster applications that require variable brake assistance relative to ever changing traffic conditions. The assistance is transmitted via specially developed worm wheels which either drive a steel pinion onto a Nylacast polymer rack or through a re-circulating ball unit which applies rotational movement to a ball screw, thus transmitting lateral movement, thus applying power assistance to a conventional hydraulic braking circuit.

In addition to delivering increased fuel efficiency to vehicles, this technology continues to perform as a gateway to technology (ADAS) such as collision avoidance and autonomous driving, moving away from ageing, vacuum assisted hydraulic braking in conventional fuelled vehicles. This move is essential for Hybrid and All-Electric vehicles.

Simon Harvey, Managing Director of Nylacast Automotive commented, “The introduction of this exciting application and efficiency improving gear comes as natural development for Nylacast Automotive, building on the experience and know-how of safety critical automotive applications and the inherent properties of polymer/metal bonded solutions. Our collaboration with industry customers and partners continues to advance thought leadership and drive technology growth in the automotive sector.”