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3 April 20142 min read

Nylacast win Contribution to the Community Award

Engineering Polymer Solution provider Nylacast are delighted to have won the “Contribution to the Community Award” which they were short-listed as finalists for at the 2014 Leicester Mercury Business Awards.

Taking place on an annual basis, the Leicester Mercury Business Awards toast success, celebrate achievement and highlight the fact that the region have a great deal of hard-working, innovative people and companies doing fantastic things in Leicestershire. As a manufacturing company with over 78% of their business being exported worldwide, Nylacast have been headquartered in Leicester for over four decades, and therefore hold great respect and passion for all things local; whether it be employing local staff or contributing to local causes and charities. With an increased level of corporate social responsibility in the community and area, Nylacast co-ordinate and participate in a wide spectrum of activities from helping the homeless by donating winter coats, essential food and winter packs, through to regularly engaging with local schools to help the younger generation of students with their skills and knowledge. Furthermore, the company regularly engage with local charities including Leicestershire Cares, PROSTaid and Rainbows.

Ian Mallabone, Nylacast Group HR Manager commented, “Nylacast are very proud and fortunate to have a strong local workforce which are always committed to supporting our community and charity engagements, whether it be through monetary donations or volunteering time and skills, whenever we launch a new CSR initiative or campaign there is never a shortage of eager, dedicated and passionate volunteers from all areas and departments of Nylacast.”

With a feared UK skills shortage, as an engineering firm Nylacast also take responsibility in helping to bridge this gap on a local level. This is done through a number of means including the sponsorship and support of local enthusiastic engineering students such as DMU Racing, through to the opening of Nylacast’s purpose built Engineering Training Academy. Making strong time and monetary commitments to community and charitable causes is not always advantageous for businesses as it often means having staff out of the office or away from their daily tasks which can ultimately cost time and money.

Nylacast Group CEO, Mussa Mahomed commented, “With a strong focus and zeal for the continuous development of polymers and people, it would be selfish not to give back to the local community of Leicester which has been a home and base for Nylacast and its worldwide business and global presence since 1967.” The Contribution to the Community Award which Nylacast won consisted of two other local finalists; Caterpillar and James Coles & Sons Nurseries.

Junaid Makda, Marketing Manager commented, “These awards are great for highlighting the soaring levels of business activity and innovation emerging from the region. We are honoured to receive this award which pays great homage to the ethos of working together as a community, for the betterment of the community. Nylacast are also delighted to have been shortlisted amongst two great companies which undertake spectacular community efforts.”

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