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Nylacast nominated for 3 awards by Leicestershire Cares
14 September 20211 min read

Nylacast nominated for 3 awards by Leicestershire Cares

Leicestershire Cares has nominated Nylacast as a finalist in three categories at their upcoming annual celebrations.

We are proud to announce that Nylacast has been listed as a finalist for the following awards at the annual Leicestershire Cares Event:

  • Outstanding Contribution to Leicestershire Cares
  • Outstanding Contribution to Community Development
  • Company of the Year

Throughout the course of the pandemic, Nylacast has been working with Leicestershire Cares to ensure local communities were still provided with the support they needed during lockdown. This has included taking part by donating Bags of hope, Christmas collections, Food boxes, PPE, and social distancing mats.

In addition to the company awards, we are also delighted to announce that our colleague Ian Mallabone has been selected as a finalist for the Volunteer of the Year award in recognition of his contributions to Leicestershire Cares projects over the past year.

Held at Winstanley House on the 22nd September 2021, the awards celebrate the vital contribution made by local businesses to the local community in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland

We want to congratulate all other nominees for the support they have given Leicestershire Cares and thank everyone at Nylacast for their dedication to this wonderful cause.

Learn more about the great work that the charity delivers at Leicestershire cares and on Twitter @LeicsCares