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14 June 2011< 1 min read

Nylacast Health & Wellbeing

Nylacast are pleased to have run a series of recent events based around the health and wellbeing of all its employees. Working in partnership with Leicester NHS, Nylacast ran a number of seminars titled ‘Look after your lungs’. These seminars were focused on the largest organ in the human body, the lungs, and educated attendees on topics such as smoking, lung cancer and the benefits of healthy eating and living a healthy lifestyle. Marcus Spence, one of the attendees commented, “The Seminar gave a good mix of the warnings of the dangers of smoking and passive smoking, as well as highlighting the benefits of healthy eating and taking regular exercise” Nylacast also run a weekly health and fitness club offering a range of exercises and sports to all of its employees in support of their health and wellbeing.

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