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Equipment Improvement Blog: Construction Sector
2 November 20202 min read

Equipment Improvement Blog: Construction Sector

Nylacast Equipment Improvement Blog: Construction Sector

Now more than ever OEMs and end-users within the construction sector are continually looking to innovate and improve their equipment or production process to reduce overall costs and increase efficiency.

These goals can be accomplished from many actions such as removing wear on key components or equipment, reducing overall weight, reducing power or maintenance requirements.

Nylacast, a manufacturer of performance-enhancing polymer components to the construction sector and leading OEMs has been providing engineered solutions and versatile materials since the 1970s.

The company’s product range is formulated to aid the continuous improvement process, ensuring customers gain not just a new product, but an engineered solution to suit the requirements of each individual applications.

Just a few examples of various engineered solutions which can assist your continuous improvement process are:

Nylacast Nylube® Wear Pads

Manufactured from Nylacast Nylube®. These wear pads offer high strength, high impact resistance, very low wear rate, low coefficient of friction and offer a wide temperature range. An essential point is that no maintenance is required, whether it is additional greases and lubricants, or machine downtime. Added material strength means smaller parts can be used, making the whole assembly more compact and thus reducing the overall weight.

Moly & Nylastat Sheaves & Pulleys

Sheaves and Pulleys formulated from Nylacast Moly or Nylastat, an ATEX approved material, are high strength, whilst delivering improved load spread to extend rope life substantially. An additional benefit to using polymer is that it is 1/7th of the weight of steel. Making at height installations, and transport much more safe and efficient.

PA6 C Natural & Nylacast Oilon® Rollers

For roller applications Nylacast Natural PA6 C or Nylacast Oilon® offer the optimal solution. Typically found in an outdoor environment these polymers are corrosion resistant, offer high impact strength and a low coefficient of friction to result in less operational maintenance.

Bronze Bushing Conversations

Using Nylacast Oilon® our bearings are tried, tested and proven to provide 25 times the life of Phosphor Bronze. Also, bushings produced from Nylacast Oilon® require no maintenance or lubrication for a fit and forget solution.

Hose / Pipe Clamps

Being a custom component allows for custom configuration against various hoses and pipes. Nylacast Black Natural PA6 C offer high clamp load, UV resistance and eliminate any need to add a protective coat. Furthermore, they are 1/7th the weight of steel equivalents.

The conversion process with Nylacast is simple, our engineers work with each customer, designing all components to suit existing assemblies. Utilising in-house research, development and testing centre also enables us to offer pre-build test data to demonstrate the performance of the polymer under specific test conditions.

To learn more about our leading range of engineered solutions widely used within the construction sector visit: Construction, Agriculture, Quarrying, Mining.