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Brexit Update
17 December 20202 min read

Brexit Update

Nylacast | Brexit Update 

On 31 January 2020, the UK began the 11 month transition period to leave European Union membership. This transition period will end 31 December 2020. If a trade agreement is not in place with the EU prior to this date the UK will be subject to World Trade Organisation rules on 1 January 2021.

We have compiled the information below to answer a selection of Frequently Asked Questions for our EU customers.

1. How is Nylacast Preparing for Brexit?

Nylacast is closely monitoring Brexit guidance and our supply chain to alleviate any potential risks which may arise.

To ensure business continuity, we have several strategies in place to continue our operations. These aim to make the process as seamless as possible for our valued customers and partners.

2. What actions have Nylacast taken with their supply chain?

We have conferred with our supply chain to obtain their readiness statements in the event of the UK operating to World Trade Organisation rules.

In response, they have assured us that their stockholding and supply chain is vigorous enough to withstand potential delays in customs clearance and guarantee a secure transit during, and after Brexit.

 3. I have not yet supplied Nylacast with my EORI number, how do I send this?

Please supply your EORI number to info@nylacast.com along with the company name.

 4. Do I need to agree HS Codes / Tariff Code with Nylacast?

Yes, and this must be agreed with us based on:

  • What its intended usage is
  • What specific machine will the part enter E.g. Wear pad in telehandler
  • What the part is made of

We have created a Commodity Code template to assist with this, please complete and return to info@nylacast.com. We will then add this code, along with the goods description, to the commercial invoice.

5. How can I obtain a customs authorisation of export (EX document)?

Our carriers will complete this on our behalf however this may incur a cost.

 6. Can I get a certificate of Origin compliant with custom rules?

This can be provided at an additional cost.

7. In cases where wood packaging is used, will Nylacast still be compliant to the ISPM15 treatment regulation?

We have purchased pallets that are ISPM15 compliant and are required to provide a manufacturers certificate. As a result of this, all pallets will include the manufacturer’s stamp ID.

Additional Notes:
Incoterms: All set at FCA Incoterms2020 Leicester 480 Thurmaston Boulevard unless agreed otherwise.
Further Queries: For any queries not covered here, please send email communication to info@nylacast.com.

Download our Brexit FAQs statement
Download our Commodity code template