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10 Years of the Training Academy
27 February 20242 min read

10 Years of the Nylacast Training Academy

Press Release | Nylacast Training Academy 10 Year Anniversary

26 February 2024

Nylacast Celebrate 10 Years of the Nylacast Training Academy


As Nylacast commemorates a decade of dedicated investment in its workforce, the company reflects on a journey of growth, development, and empowerment through the Nylacast Training Academy. Established on February 26, 2014, the Academy stands as a testament to Nylacast's unwavering commitment to nurturing talent and bridging critical skills gaps within the engineering sector.

"At Nylacast, we recognize that our most valuable assets are our dedicated and committed employees," said Mussa Mahomed, Executive Chairman of Nylacast. "Fostering a culture of communication, engagement, and continuous learning has been integral to our ethos for many years."

In recent years, Nylacast has intensified its efforts to embed a culture of learning, development, and well-being, forging partnerships with esteemed educational institutions such as Loughborough University, Bradford University, Leicester College, and Beaumont Leys School. These collaborations have not only provided valuable learning opportunities for individuals but have also empowered the company to gain additional knowledge, enhancing its competitive edge in the industry.

The journey of the Nylacast Training Academy began long before its official inauguration in 2014. Recognizing a significant skills gap in the UK engineering sector dating back to 2010, Nylacast initiated a structured apprenticeship and training program. The establishment of the Academy marked a pivotal moment in addressing this gap, providing opportunities for team members to enhance their skills and contribute to the company's success.

A key turning point in the development of the Academy was the appointment of Deana White, a highly skilled engineer with a passion for training and development. Deana's guidance has been instrumental in refining apprenticeship programs and CNC programming, fostering collaboration among employees from different departments.

The relocation of Nylacast to 480 Thurmaston Boulevard in 2017 provided an opportunity to expand the Training Academy further. This expansion included the acquisition of additional equipment such as lathes, CNC milling, and CNC turning machines, along with the enlargement of the apprenticeship teams. The transition from academia to industry was facilitated by the unwavering support and guidance provided to employees, fostering a culture of understanding and growth.

Over the past decade, the Nylacast Training Academy has made a significant impact, enrolling over 115 individuals in apprenticeship courses and providing training to over 240 individuals in various disciplines. Nylacast extends special gratitude to Leicester College for their steadfast support over the last 14 years, as well as Beaumont Leys School for their proactive promotion of engineering apprenticeships and partnership with Nylacast.

"To our dedicated team at Nylacast, your support and mentorship have been invaluable in shaping the success of the Training Academy," Mussa Mahomed added. "We are immensely proud of our achievements over the past decade and eagerly anticipate many more years of empowering our workforce through the Nylacast Training Academy."


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