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Nylacast is one of the leading brands in cast nylons and has specialised in developing this unique polymer for many decades. For this reason we offer the widest range of profiles, grades and sizes available, concentrating on our ability to custom formulate a grade for a particular application. We manufacture in two countries at present but our global capacity plans extend much further.

Although our origin lies in cast nylons we are also able to supply a much wider range of extruded engineering polymers, with new high performance products being added to our product portfolio. Our cast nylon manufacturing facilities are being complemented with extrusion capacity and it is our intention to have thousands of tons of mixed product capacity.

To support this capacity, Nylacast concentrate on the various issues relating to raw material supply, from costs, to quality, to custom formulation and logistics, our desire is to be quality producers with a universal set of standards across our manufacturing facilities. Many of the ‘non-bulk’ constituent additives, which make Nylacast products so unique, are manufactured, synthesised and masterbatched ‘in-house’.

Due to Nylacast’s significant involvement in added value machined components derived from our own range of engineering polymers, it is imperative that our recycling strategy is robust. We at present recycle over 200 metric tons per annum into both extrusion and moulding grade pellets.

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