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Polymers at the Core: Peak Efficiency and Reliability for Agricultural Equipment

Enhancing your technology with Engineering Polymer Solutions

The technology used within the agricultural industry has to bear difficult working conditions. Farmers desire equipment that is reliable, durable, safe and capable of operating efficiently in a changing environment.

We collaborate with leading OEM's to build agricultural equipment for crop harvesting by planting, maintenance, and extraction. The kit we support includes but is not limited to Crop Sprayers, Combine Harvesters, Telehandlers, Planting and Seeding Equipment and Grape Harvesters.

We respect how vital equipment performance is for the end user and work with OEM clients on projects to reduce equipment weight while augmenting load-handling capabilities. Enhance operational efficiency, maintain safety standards, and meet sustainability targets. Nylacast is committed to application consultancy and material innovation to support the industry's need to reduce maintenance, minimise downtime, and extend the lifecycle of machinery and equipment.

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Industry Solutions

Experience unparalleled technical support in design and material selection, ensuring your agricultural equipment operates at peak efficiency and reliability.

Cost Saving Lower whole life costs are achieved in addition to increased efficiency through reduced frictional losses and lower power requirements.  
Low Weight Nylacast Engineered Products are typically 1/7th the weight of an equivalent steel product, helping to reduce overall equipment weight.  
Maintenance Reduction Self-lubrication and corrosion resistance results in increased efficiency through lower whole life costs and longer machine running times.  
Wear Reduction Low friction materials technology results in high resistance to wear and abrasion when in application.  


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Wear Pads
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Wear Strips
Wear Strips

Problems we solve

  • Nylube Wear Strips

Case Study: Enhancing Application Performance

Equipment: Hydraulic Hitch

Industry: Agriculture

Original Material: Acetal

New Material: Nylacast Nylube


Excessive wear, frequent maintenance or replacement of wear strips, and substantial expense and downtime.


Nylacast’s wax-filled, self-lubricating, high-performance polymer. Proven to maintain excellent physical properties under stress, providing significantly enhanced wear resistance.

Following field tests in application, Nylacast Nylube wear strips have been deployed, as the standard within all Hydraulic Hitches across Europe and the USA for one of our key customers.


  • Low Friction Material
  • Increased Wear Life
  • Reduced Maintenance


Hitch Wear Pads

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