Converting Metal Components to Engineered Polymers

December 2020

Multiple advantages can be achieved when converting traditional metal components to engineering polymers specifically cast nylons. Many of our customers find their replacement polymer components have become fundamental within their machinery for numerous reasons. The construction industry is the world’s largest consumer of polymer products and applications.

Below are several examples of the benefits you can expect when converting to Nylacast engineered polymers in the construction industry: 

Weight Reduction and Strength 

A major advantage achieved with engineered polymers is the huge weight reduction when replacing metal components. In comparison to traditional metal applications, nylon is a 7th of the weight. Although polymers are very lightweight, they are also very strong, having high tensile, compressive and flexural strength. Therefore, they are proven to be very suitable and high-performing when applied to construction operations. 

Wear and Internal Lubrication

Construction machinery often has frequent issues involving wear and corrosion due to the working environment and frequent machine usage. Nylacast Nylube has substantially improved wear resistance abilities in comparison to any other cast nylon. Due to self-lubricating properties, machinery parts such as extending booms, avoid metal-on-metal wear, which can lead to inefficient and costly problems.  


Many companies have already converted metal parts to polymer components, one of the most popular reasons being the long term, cost-saving initiative. As well as being less expensive to replace, they make your operation more efficient and have an increased component life of 5 years more than metal parts. 

Here at Nylacast, the most common component parts we supply for our customers in the construction industry range from sheaves, pulleys, bushes, gears, however, the list is extensive. 

Depending on the application requirements and specification, we will recommend the most accurate cast nylon for your operation. Our range of cast nylon all has unique abilities and characteristics, meaning we can provide material for almost any specification. 

To learn more about our leading range of engineered solutions widely used within the construction sector, visit: Construction

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