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Big Foot Crane Outrigger Pad

The Nylacast Big Foot crane outrigger pad has been used with a number of major crane hire companies for over 40 years. Nylacast Big Foot was developed in conjunction with industrial demand, where a need arose for a reliable, strong and safe crane outrigger pad. The pad needed to be made from tough, affordable material, strong enough to withstand heavy weights yet still be light enough to carry around.

Stable support for crane outriggers is essential for safe operation. With Nylacast Big Foot you can be sure you are using the correct tool for the job.

Unfortunately capsized cranes can occur and cause a significant number of injuries and fatalities a year. Many of these accidents are caused by operators using inappropriate materials or the use of no crane pads at all.

When weighing up the small cost involved in providing a stable support for the outriggers and preventing damage to the ground surface, in comparison to the high capital equipment costs involved with cranes, Nylacast Big Foot makes perfect sense.

At Nylacast we also manufacture and supply the Littlefoot outrigger pad for lorry mounted cranes, which again have been proven in the field.

Download the Nylacast Big Foot brochure here and see how it compared against industry standard PE500 in our testing.


  • Industry approved
  • High visibility yellow
  • Eliminates damage to ground surface
  • Replaces wood
  • Fast & easy storage
  • Security coded
  • Long lasting
  • Can be personalised
  • Range of sizes available
  • Getagrip non-slip surface available
  • Extremely high strength & hard wearing
  • Light to handle – carry handle also available

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Download the Nylacast Big Foot brochure here.

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